Email Creation Made Easy

EasyEmailCMS is a Content Management System (CMS) designed from the ground up to easily create business-class email. Simplify the email creation process, optimize your workflow, and turn anyone into a content creator with one easy-to use interface.

Save money

Eliminate design and html programming fees and resources.

Save time

One person can create an email from start to finish.

Speed to market

Communicate offers and promotions in minutes, not days.

Consistent branding

Maintain your branding across multiple departments, divisions, stores, etc.

Multiple users

Empower your entire organization to create emails any time, any day.

Custom email templates

Custom Email Templates

Convert your existing emails into easy-to-use templates. We can also create custom email templates for you that will fit any need.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your existing website, CMS or database. Imagine loading products into email with the click of a button. Not only will you save time, many content and pricing errors can be eliminated.

When your email is complete, one click will upload your email to your favorite email provider for sending.

Seamless Integration
One template, multiple versions

One Template, Multiple Versions

You don't have to duplicate emails to target different markets, channels or countries. Templates can automatically adjust content based on the audience.

Drag and Drop and Resize Images

Eliminate the expense of a designer. Simply upload images large or small and adjust to your liking. You can even crop into large images or change the aspect ratio. We take care of sizing, saving and hosting.

Drag and drop and resize images
Built-in Image Galleries

Built-in Image Galleries

Save time searching for images. Our image galleries put all your images at the ready for the next email you create.

Analytics Campaign Tracking

Measure your results by automatically tagging emails with Google Analytics tracking and campaign codes. You no longer have to spend time implementing tracking and can focus on sending email instead of coding it.

Automatic analytics campaign tracking
Collaborate, Preview and Share

Collaborate, Preview and Share

Keep the clutter out of your inbox with our built-in collaboration features. Email and share your template so others can give feedback or suggest changes.